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Lochinvar Recall

Lochinvar has issued a recall on certain condensing boilers, combi boilers, and packaged systems manufactured between August 16, 2016 through May 28, 2019. Lochinvar has received limited reports that the flue sensor grommet used on the Lochinvar branded boilers manufactured in this time frame, could experience deterioration of the material from exposure to acidic condensate. Deterioration of the grommet may permit leakage of flue gasses, which can include carbon monoxide. As a result, Lochinvar is voluntarily initiating this recall action to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all of our products. Lochinvar has developed a replacement flue grommet kit no. 100327911 containing all parts and instructions needed to correct this issue. Please click this link to read the recall notice and see the affected model numbers. If you have your model and serial number please click here This website will help you determine if your boiler needs to be repaired as part of this recall. 

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Haier Online Training

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Haier does more than just sell products you can stand behind. With their training centers, help app, call center, and a dedicated support team of product specialists and engineers…

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Haier has announced their online training calendar for the 2021 year. Join us in unique, interactive learning sessions to enhance your skills in installation, troubleshooting, piping, and so many other things.

Viega Rewards

Water Quality Can Make or Break a Hydronic System

Chemical treatment and filtration can help increase a system’s life cycle while improving efficiency.

Water quality. If you haven’t spent a good deal of time thinking about it and the impact it has on your hydronic heating system, think again. In fact, it’s so critical to the performance of the system that the installation and maintenance of the system should never be done without consideration of how to maintain the water quality that keeps the system running.

The Dirt on Modern Hydronics
Nick Ciasullo – R. D. Bitzer Co. Inc.

Dirt in a hydronic system is not a new problem. Until recently, it generally exposed itself in the form of system inefficiency and failures in pump seals, bearings, valve seats and packing. Y-strainers are great at picking up the larger dirt chunks but the smaller particulate passes through. If the dirt is that small, why is it so important to remove it?

The ‘Gold Standard’ 

In this article from Supply House Times, professional engineer John Siegenthaler, highlights 12 comparisons between hydronic and VRF/VRV systems.

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