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Where is AVCO Supply located?
AVCO Supply, Inc.
7014 Beaver Dam Road
Levittown, PA 19057
What are your phone numbers, and hours of operation?
Phone (215) 949-1550
Fax (215) 949-1578
Outside Pennsylvania (800) 253-3668

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 8:00 - 12:00
What is required to establish an account at AVCO Supply?
In general an approved credit application, and proof of business (EIN, company documentation, yellow page ads, etc).
What delivery options are available?
UPS, common carrier, and local deliveries within 30 miles with proper notice.
Does AVCO Supply provide products to retail customers?
No, AVCO Supply is a wholesale supply house working with the plumbing, heating and cooling, HVAC trades.
Our company would like to expand what we offer in the way of heating and cooling systems, can AVCO Supply lend a hand with system designs for system types that are new to us?
The short answer is yes, AVCO has many people with many years of experience each in their fields, on top of the knowledge and experience we have more direct access to the manufacturers and have the software needed to design a system properly. AVCO Supply stands ready to assist you at your request, some fees may apply, please contact us for more information and to see how we can help you out.
Does AVCO Supply do duct fabrication?
Upon request AVCO Supply can fabricate ducts using Duct Board, contact us for more information and a quote.
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Heating Related
Is there a way to supply Domestic Hot Water (DHW) at two different temperatures from an indirect water heater setup?
Yes, the plumbing is basically the same as a regular DHW setup with the addition of a three way mixing valve/sensor combo on the cooler temperature DHW line.
I would like to do a basic radiant panel, will this require additional controls beyond the normal pump controls?
Not necessarily, you can build a system using circulators and switching relays to heat the panel as needed.
Ok let's add another layer to the example above, how would I take the simple panel design above and adjust the panel temperature according to the outdoor temperature?
Great question, and a valuable modification for your customer. The main difference is the addition of an intermediate circulator and the control to sense the outdoor temperature as well as the boiler and mixed panel water temperatures.
I have a client with an existing hydronic system, how difficult would it be to add a radiant panel on to that system?
The first question is will the boiler have enough output for what you want to accomplish? It is best to do a complete heat loss study on the proposed project to ensure the boiler will satisfy the needs of the system. In general, if there is enough capacity in the existing system, either in the equipment or by adding priority zoning, adding a radiant loop only requires careful attention to the connection points.
The difference between a 3-way ESBE valve and a RAVV-VMT valve
The Viessmann Vitodens could fit into our very tightly spaced project nicely. How is this system set up and can it provide heat to both high temp baseboards and lower temp radiant panels in the same system?
Yes the Vitodens can be used for multiple and different heating applications, from domestic hot water, to radiant panels, traditional baseboard and duct coils. Any one or two, or all. Couple this with the size, efficency and the zero clearance and quietness of the unit makes it an outstanding choice especially where space is an issue.